Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alphabet Project

Brian wasn't home Saturday afternoon or evening so I needed a project to do with N2 so that we wouldn't play with Legos the entire time (I'm so sick of legos).  I've been working on letter identification with N2 as I their teacher wants them to practice their letters.  N2 love to cut and glue so I decided we would do a letter hunt through the newspaper.  Luckily there were quite a few auto sections so that is where we got most of our letters from (plus the auto section has BIG type face and a lot in just uppercase-we were only working on uppercase).  They started out by just cutting lots of letters and I realized that they weren't getting a good variety of letters.  After that, I just cut out headlines and made a pile of them. They started gluing their letters in order and when they didn't have a letter cut out already, I went through the stack of headlines and handed them one that had the letter they were missing.  They still had to find the letter in the headline.  This kept them busy for an hour!  Noah didn't finish-he ended at U and then got bored.  Natalie finished hers.  One of them told me that daddy wouldn't be happy with me for cutting up his newspaper because then he couldn't read it anymore.  I told them it was OK because daddy wasn't going to read the auto sections and he had already read the paper.

Maybe we'll do this with lowercase later.  They really seemed to enjoy it.


  1. Maybe your next step should be having them make a ransom note... You found a lot of good letters! We tried something like this with letters from magazines, and it was hard to find big ones and very hard to find all the letters. Next time we'll have to get a paper.

    1. Make sure to get a paper with auto sections.

  2. I think Becky's still a little sensitive about ransom notes!