Saturday, April 27, 2013

Visit to the Park

Yesterday was a beautiful day so after going to the library I decided we would go to the park across the street.  I am amazed at how much more they can do this year than last!  The only thing they can't do there are the monkey bars.  They are too tall plus they don't have the strength.  But they can do everything else.

These platforms are on chains, they they move and sway.  Last time we were at the park I had to help them get from one to the other.  They were a little too far apart as well.  This spring-they need no help!
Then there are these mountains where you have to climb along the edges to get up to the highest part of the playground.  Last summer/fall they learned how to do them but one of us would stand there as they did it.  This time, I sat back and watched without being nervous.  They bouldered like pros!

This is one of the things I love about twins.  Who needs mom or dad when you have your sibling to push you on the swing?
(I did get one of Natalie pushing Noah because they did a nice job and took turns but it looks like Natalie is crying in it and she wasn't).

I also love that twins have a build in playmate.  They had a good time choo-chooing down the slide.  There was only one other kid there who was just a few months younger than N2 and he so desperately wanted N2 to play with him but they just wanted to play with each other.  The little boy got a little violent with them because he was trying to get them to engage in his pretend scenario.  N2 really didn't understand.  Guess we need to work on including others (although they do include the kids that they know).
And finally, here's a picture of Noah.

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