Thursday, April 11, 2013


We celebrated Easter at my parents' house but before we left to go to church, N2 opened their Easter baskets at home. They had camping items in the baskets-carabiners, flash lights and new hats.  They also had some M&Ms, a reese's egg and a pot to grow grass.  They also got a Light Bright because the Easter bunny found it at a garage sale last summer and figured it was time to get it out!

We went to church with everyone and then back to grandma and grandpa's house for an Easter egg hunt.  Each kid was assigned a color and those were the eggs that they could hunt.  I don't think a single kid tried to pick up a different colored egg.  Towards the end they tried to help each other find eggs.  Natalie had pink, Noah had blue, Amelia had purple and Megan had green.  It was warm enough for us to do the Easter egg hunt outside.

(I like how Natalie cannot figure out how to get the egg out without poking herself with branches).

We tried to take pictures of cousins but it seems like some kids weren't in photogenic moods that day.  Noah wanted his tongue stuck out in all the pictures, Amelia wanted her eyes closed, Natalie was inconsistently photogenic,  and Megan was looking elsewhere (but was smiling!).  Here are the best ones I got.  Maybe Marcie got better ones?  I guess I could photoshop the pictures but I think it would actually be kind of hard since the kids seemed to look in different directions quite a bit!

Then we tried to get cousins with Grandma and Grandpa.  We had better smiles from Amelia and Megan but Natalie wouldn't smile.
Then I got pictures of N2 and luckily I got a good one!
I also got this silly one which I love!
We got a good family picture too.
Grandpa read Uncle Remus stories to the kids before dinner.
I think everyone had a good time!

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  1. Too funny that we both decided to finally post about Easter on the same day a week and a half after the fact. Great minds think alike! :)