Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Over spring break we decided to take N2 bowling.  Natalie won 2 free bowling games in her prize pack when she won the coloring contest.  We went right when the alley opened and I was shocked by how many preschoolers there were there!  They were doing bowling with black lights (not sure if they do this all the time).  We had bumpers so we all got to bowl with bumpers.  N2 had trouble rolling the ball hard enough that it hit the pins with any amount of force.  At one point an employee had to go down and rescue Noah's ball because it stopped on the lane.  At one point of the game, Noah was beating me!  Noah liked to throw the ball instead of roll it.  Here are a few pictures.

 Here are our final scores.  I have the whole print out but I haven't scanned it yet.  I did get a strike in my first frame!  Brian bowled really well!  We would go again but it does take a long time to bowl a game with 4 year olds.  It was probably at least 45 minutes to bowl one game with the 4 of us.  But it is expensive to just bowl one game with the shoe rental.  If we didn't have to go home to eat lunch we maybe would have done another game.

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