Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yu Kids Island

I got a deal on visits to Yu Kids Island in Hawthorn Malls.  It's a little late in the season to do indoor play places but I only bought a 5 visit deal (yes I know that means I am going to pay for 1 full price visit but I wasn't willing to do a 10 pack).  I may see if I can sell off the remaining visit to another friend who bought a 5 pack and has twins.  We visited the play place on Wednesday and met some friends there.  N2 really enjoyed themselves.  We stayed for about an hour and 15 minutes and I think that was enough.  The place may be a little better for smaller kids.  This place is unlike any play place we've been to.  Take a look.

This was like a carousel.  It rotated quite slowly but fast enough that it was hard to help them get up on the top balls.  This was the thing they went to first and immediately climbed up all the way to the top.  The couldn't sit on the balls very well-I think they were too heavy.  I watched younger kids sit on them without tipping backwards.  But that didn't deter N2 from having fun.

There was a caged in area that had lots of balloons and a fan blowing them around.  They had fun chasing after the balloons.
The had a hamster wheel which N2 didn't get.  The tried sitting in it which was kind of funny to watch.
They also had another carousel which you couldn't climb-you just had to ride it.  N2 were not very interested in this one because they couldn't stay on the balls that long.  You can see Noah peeking it out.
They had a coil that spun that kids could climb through.  Poor Natalie fell off this one and was a little traumatized.
We ate lunch in the mall food court with your friends afterwards.  What a treat for N2 to get to pick what they wanted to eat.  They both chose Happy Meals even though they went in wanting pizza.

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  1. That place looks like the inside of CandyLand.