Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Milwaukee Zoo

We met up with Marcie and her kids at the Milwaukee Zoo one day in July.  We really enjoyed seeing all the animals and hanging out with her family.  Our kids get along so well!
We went to a bird show and the kids really enjoyed it because the birds would fly right overhead.  Nathaniel really liked the birds too!  Here are the kids waiting for the show to begin.
Afterwards the zoo was very smart and trained a raven to take a bill and put it in a donation box.  The kids each got to give the raven a dollar.  I didn't get a picture of Megan. :(

In the primate house, there is a canoe that people can sit in (it's just a display).  Megan and Noah decided to work together to row the boat.

Natalie and Amelia were just goofy!  They got pretty goofy by this time of the zoo visit.
They decided that they are NOT the size of a baby gorilla.
Nathaniel really was there!

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