Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Random July

N2 and I went to a birthday party that was a super hero and princess party.  Elsa was there as was Spiderman.  They got super hero masks so decided that they would make up their own superhero names.  Noah is Green Lightning and Natalie is Red Sparkle (such an intimidating name, huh?)

My kids got out their handbells the other day and wanted to play music.  They can read the letters on the page that came with the handbells that have a few songs so they would call out letters for us to play.  Unfortunately they can't read rhythm so the songs didn't sound like what they were supposed to sound like.  We played music for quite a while that day!
 Noah has taken interest in the piano.  He picked up some of Brian's sheet music that is their scratch paper and put it on the piano as if he was playing those songs.  He would also write on the music as if changing the piece or composing a piece.  It was really cute.  However he stopped looking like a little composer one I pulled out my camera.  This is as good as I got.

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