Saturday, August 2, 2014

Washington DC Day 5-Udvar Hazy Space Center

I have no pictures of days 3 and 4.  Day 3 we went to the National Zoo and I figured we didn't need any more animal pictures.  Day 4 we met up with Kristin and went to the National Building Museum which was so fun!  I wish I had had my camera so that I could have taken pictures of what N2 built.  This was a really cool museum for kids to explore building with different mediums.  There were also some exhibits that we visited.

Our 5th day we trekked out on the new silver metro line (it had just opened the day before) and took a long bus ride (about 1 hr 45 minutes one way) to get to the Udvar Hazy Space Center where they house the Discovery space shuttle.  This museum has tons of planes including the Enola Gay which dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

We got our first view of the space shuttle!

Natalie was being particular and did not want a picture of her with the space shuttle with Noah so this first picture is supposed to just be a picture of Noah with the space shuttle and the next one is with her alone.  I included these because you can see how the space shuttle is made out of little panels.  I thought that was interesting.

 Noah wanted to know what every single thing was in this hangar so Brian took him around and Natalie and I looked at some things and then went to explore other things.  We did play a space "game" with a volunteer there.  Natalie had to put various space items-the Hubble, the moon, the sun, Saturn, etc in order 3 different ways-smallest to largest, closest to farther, and youngest to oldest.  Natalie was far off on the first one and then did slightly better on the later ones.  She surprised both me and the volunteer on the youngest to oldest one.  There was a picture of the sun and a set of blue stars.  She had put them in the wrong order so the volunteer was trying to get her to figure out which one would be newer.  He asked what the difference was between the sun and the blue stars.  She started with the sun is one star and the other one is more than one stars.  The volunteer asked for another difference and she said that the blue stars were hotter than the sun!  She had learned that in preschool.

Later they brought out a space suit-not one that had gone into space but it was designed like the space suits.  We got to see all the layers that the space suit was made and we even got to try on a glove!
 This is what the hangar looks like.  It is just full of planes!

That's the end of the pictures of DC.  We spent day 6 visiting the Natural History museum, Art Museum and the American History Museum.  We really enjoyed our time in DC.

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