Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wisconsin State Fair

We met up with Marcie's family at the Wisconsin State Fair last week and had a great time!  We started by attending a duck race which was quite amusing.  The kids got into it and were cheering for their favorite color.  We were sitting in the green section but they cheered for other sections.  Oh well!

We visited the Family Activity Barn and the kids got to play around with various crops-corn, wheat, oats.  They also got to see baby animals-some of the piglets were only 4 days old!  I think the WI State Fair did a great job with making things accessible to kids.  I didn't get great photos but I did get some of the kids having fun.

We attended a birds of prey show which was not great for kids.  There was too much talking and not enough birds.  We have been to bird shows before where the birds fly around but these birds just sat on someone's arm.  Natalie really liked the birds and her favorite was the Peregrine Falcon.
We went to the Kohls Care Center and they had fun activities for kids.  They had a balance beam and coloring with their feet.  They also had art projects based on famous artists.  We only had the chance to do one of the projects.
 After Marcie's family left, we stayed a little longer and visited some of the barns again.  We found the horse barn and looked at all of them since Natalie loves horses.  We also waited so they could ride on the small tractors.  As we left, we let them ride on a couple rides.

Brian had a twister dog for lunch-a hot dog that had a spiral potato wrapped around it, deep fried and then served with bacon, chipotle mayo, and sirracha.  He said it was really good.

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