Monday, August 11, 2014

Random August

Here is N2's lemonade stand that they held during our garage sale.  Not too much traffic but we did have Grandma Weidner, and 2 of their preschool teachers stop by!  I think they made about $4 each but some people gave them more quarters than they drank lemonade!  Our neighbors stopped by twice so that was nice.

I took N2 out separately to buy backpacks for kindergarten.  Natalie and I stopped at Target first and they really had nothing that wasn't holograph character backpacks which I did not want to buy and Natalie did not want.  She did want a dinosaur backpack but it was too small to fit a folder in it.  So then I took her to TJ Maxx on a whim and they had backpacks.  At first she wanted a light up owl backpack but I did not want to buy that.  We found a girly John Deere backpack!  Brian was not overly thrilled because it seems too country.  I think it's better than a fru fru backpack!  Noah ended up getting a dinosaur backpack at Target (one that I had seen earlier and thought it was perfect but didn't want to buy it without him).
 Natalie was quite helpful the other day and wanted to do jobs for me.  I asked her to fold the laundry which she was excited about but first she had to get ready!  She dress up as an astronaut in order to fold laundry. But hey, if that's all it takes for her to fold all their laundry, I'll gladly wait while she gets dressed up.

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