Saturday, August 30, 2014


Noah was on a t-ball team throughout July and August.  He had practices and games every Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:30-6:30.  It was kind of an awkward time since we couldn't figure out if we ate dinner before or after the game especially since Noah got a snack (and generally not fruit) at the end of the game.  But Noah had a good time (for the most part) and improved some of his baseball skills. We really lucked out on the weather because it was very rarely hot.  Most of the games were quite pleasant.  One of the games was kind of cool and Natalie wore a sweater and pants.

The coach was good about moving the kids around to all the positions.  Noah only got to play pitcher once and that was the position that go to field the most balls.  The coach also rotated the batter order because the last player always got to get a home run.  The players would get one base with each hit normally and then at the end of the "inning" (when all the kids had batted once) all the kids on base would run home.  Noah got to be the last batter the very first game.  He wasn't happy about going last but we tried to convince him that it was fun to hit a home run.

Here are some pictures from various games.  Natalie and I didn't attend every once since she would get bored.  Noah was on the White Sox team.

 I also got some pictures of Noah not quite paying attention.  He didn't do this often.

We didn't order t-ball pictures (my goodness there are so many opportunities to get professional pictures taken!) so I took some myself.

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  1. Oh my goodness, he is so cute! I love the gigantic batting helmet on his head! I think your photos are even better than the professional ones would have been. I think my favorite is the one of him drawing in the dirt.