Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter eggs at Marcie's house but I wanted some more for Easter dinner.  I figured we would have time on Good Friday since everyone was off school.  N2 were thrilled to dye more Easter eggs!  I got a box of egg dye that had bonus neon colors and I have to say that the blue and green are quite pretty but the pink has hardly any color in it.  I actually put 2 tablets in the pink dye and still there wasn't much color!  For some reason my box came with 2 bonus packs!  Natalie was quite over exuberant with her eggs and kept banging them on the table so several of her eggs cracked!  Oh well, they probably all wouldn't have been eaten anyway.  There was a cracked one after boiling them but I let them dye that one anyways.  This time around we didn't end up with any really "pretty" eggs like the one Natalie made at Marcie's house that she dyed in blue and green and yellow and red.  I'll have to get those pictures from Marcie after she gets back.

 Natalie's eggs:
 Noah's eggs:

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