Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family Movie Night

I decided that we would start a monthly (or more often if we wanted) family movie night where we would eat dinner and watch a movie together.  I also decided we would have a family game night but we haven't started that yet.  Our first family movie night was kind of disastrous!  We had planned on watching Tangled which we had saved on our DVR and for backup Brian thought it was on Netflix.  Brian and N2 went to Jewel to get chicken for dinner.  We were starting a little later than we wanted.  I was getting everything ready at home.  I was going to use our picnic tablecloth on the floor and pulled it out to discover it had bleach spots and holes in it (I used it anyways).  I made veggies and then I was going to get the movie set up.  Well, it had been deleted from our DVR!  Went to Netflix, it wasn't there.  Nor did Netflix have any good children's movies (it is such a waste of money in my opinion!)  So right when Brian got back, I went to Redbox.  When to Jewel and the guy in front of me took forever selecting a movie.  Got up there and they were out of all their children's movies.  Went to Walgreens.  They were out of almost everything but did get Gnomio and Juliet.  We started the movie after 6. N2 loved eating on the floor and paid attention to the movie while eating.  After they were done eating, they weren't so interested in the movie anymore.  We'll try again later and plan ahead better for the movie.

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  1. We watched 101 Dalmations (the old version) and the girls both liked it. I bet your kids would like it, too. It wasn't too scary for them. We are currently watching An American Tale, and Amelia is a little freaked out by it.