Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sweet Treats

Marcie and I baked 2 different things while we were in Madison and they were both quite yummy!  We found the recipes on Pinterest.  I don't think we got pictures of them!  I guess we'll have to make them again.

I made S'more Bars for a meeting at school.  They were yummy but messy.  I used parchment paper for the blondies and that was a mistake.  There was barely enough batter to cover the bottom of the pan so the parchment paper didn't stay in the pan and it made the batter go up on the sides and burn a little.  I'm also wondering if you need more blondie-maybe 1.5 times the recipe.  I also would suggest putting the marshmallows on first and then the graham crackers and chocolate chips.  I did the graham crackers first and that didn't stick to the blondie!

I made a modified version of Oreo Stuffed Brownies.  I did not have ice cream, so I used the water that the brownie mix called for.  I wanted to put caramel in between brownie layers so I baked half of the batter for 10 minutes and then put melted caramels on top and then put the rest of the batter.  Basically the brownie batter and caramel just mixed together.  You can taste it but it wasn't what I was looking for.  These are yummy but I don't think the Oreos are necessary.  Also the caramel kind of burned around the edges and so they are really chewy.  I need to rethink this idea!

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