Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interview with Noah

I had asked N2 some interview questions not that long ago but I never scrapped them.  Well, I finished my interview kit (and I love it!) so I decided to ask Noah questions.  We were laying on the floor coloring together on his big coloring book and I just started asking him questions.  He was answering them so nicely that I decided to jot them down on his coloring book (luckily he did not mind).  I asked him the rest of the questions during dinner.  Since then I have been working on making a layout with his answers.  I think I'm done tweaking it finally!

Since you can't read his answers here they are.
Best Friend: Mama (although later at dinner he said Jersey.  I chose to keep it mama)
What's your favorite thing about Natalie: Matching her (they were so excited that they both were wearing striped shirts on this day).
If  you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?  A panda bear.  Two big panda bears!
When I grow up I want to be: a doctor
What was the happiest thing you've ever done?  Go to daddy's band concert.
Favorite song: Down By The Station
Favorite place to go: go to swim lessons and jump in the pool
Favorite animal: a bear
What I like to do with mom: Sleep with her and give her nice kisses.
What I like to do with dad: Give him nice kisses too.
Favorite game: The Owl Game (Hoot Owl Hoot).  I like to get the owls in the nest so the sun can come up.
Favorite toy: drills
Favorite book: Good Night Moon
What is your favorite thing to do with your family?  Play with the school bus.
Favorite food: cereal
Favorite dessert: suckers
If you could have any food for your birthday dinner, what would you have?  Macaroni and Cheese
What are you really good at?  Doing exercises
What are you not really good at?  Getting on people's backs.
Favorite holiday: Easter day and birthdays
If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?  Amelia's house
Favorite color: blue, orange and white
Favorite thing to do: color
Favorite thing about school: do projects
What makes me happy: my bear
What makes me sad: spiders
What are you afraid of?  spiders
What is your least favorite food?  Fish
Favorite movie: Toy Story 2
Favorite character: Buzz Lightyear
Favorite tv show: Curious George
Favorite clothes: Snow plow shirt and firetruck pajamas
What is your favorite restaurant?  Walker Brothers

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  1. Oh, so precious! I love that his favorite place to go is Amelia's house. And I'm glad to know he enjoys the owl game!