Saturday, April 14, 2012


Again, this picture does not do the thing that happened justice!  This was really cute but does not turn out well in pictures!  Noah has recently fallen in love with microphones.  He knows you sing into microphones.  I think they have a couple fake ones at school.  We have a couple of inflatable ones but apparently those are not good enough because he never uses those!  The other day I caught him using some cable as a microphone (I can't for the life of me remember what he was using other than it was a cable that would have plugged into a computer or other electronic device).  This morning while I was making breakfast, I heard Noah singing.  He was huddled up in front of the stereo and under further investigation I realized he was using Brian's cables that hang out between the components of the stereo.  There are 2 plugs on the cables.  Noah plugged one into the front of the stereo (into the right hole, I might add-don't you love how technical my language is!) and then held the other one up for him to sing into.  The cable wasn't very long between the two plugs so he had to lean forward.  And he just sang and sang and sang.  I got my camera out and he stopped.  But luckily he started again.  Too bad I didn't have the video camera handy!

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