Thursday, October 18, 2012


Natalie is going to be a cowgirl for Halloween.  If I say she is going to be a cowgirl, she often tells me that she is going to be a cowboy but if I saw a cowboy, she'll say cowgirl.  I just can't win with this one!  Aunt Marcie was kind enough to lend us a horse riding costume and her horse on a stick so Natalie could decide which one she wanted to use.  Natalie is INSISTENT that a cowboy/girl must have a horse so I was supposed to make her a horse to pull along.  Luckily Aunt Marcie saved the day!  We got the costumes on Tuesday and both kids will NOT let their horses out of site.  It might be hard to return these!

By the costumes was a jumper of Natalie's that I thought was Amelia's so I brought it with us to return to Marcie.  Since it wasn't hers, we brought it home.  It was in the pile with the horses and the pink cowboy hat, so Noah thought it was a cowboy outfit and put it on.  Natalie wanted the pink cowgirl hat and Noah wanted a cowboy hat (the one we bought was in the closet) so he went to his dress up clothes box and found a hat and gloves.  Here are our tough cowboy/girl pictures!

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  1. I'm glad your kids are getting good use out of the horses. That last photo of Noah is just about the cutest picture I have ever seen. Oh, and randomly, my kids have started being silly and calling Noah either "Noeee" or "Noap". Isn't that strange?