Friday, October 12, 2012

Didiers Pumpkin Fest

My multiples group had their outing to Didier Farms last Saturday.  Since I have joined, we have been unable to go due to our schedules-one year Lisa was getting married (the year I planned the event! and then Brian has had a band competition).  We planned on going this year just to do the basic stuff included in the cost and not ride any rides.  We started with a hay ride which I thought was taking us to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin.  I was wrong.  It was just a hayride around a corn maze where they have lots of Halloween decorations.  Boy was it cold!

We then enjoyed the straw maze which was NOT for adults.  There were such narrow passages.  So I waited by the exit while N2 ran around.  Brian managed to find his way in the bigger passages and got some pictures.  Noah loved to find dead ends and sit there until someone would come by.

We also enjoyed the corn maze but I think N2 were tired of walking around by that point.  It was cold!  We did let them go on one ride (I was able to buy tickets there for the discounted rate).  They both chose this dragon train ride.

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