Monday, October 22, 2012

River Trails

I met up with some of my moms of multiples friends at River Trains Nature Center last week.  It was a fairly nice day so we played inside for a while and then walked outside in the woods.  A lot of other moms must have had the idea to meet up because there were tons of people there.  We've never seen so many people there!  We had 5 sets of twins in all so that's a lot of kids to be watching!   I had my camera so I was the designated photographer!  I didn't really get many good indoor photos.
The colors were just gorgeous outside!
 It was fun to walk in the woods with so many kids.  They ranged from N2's age all the way down to not quite 2.  The older kids liked to run ahead and one of my friends walked up there with them (there was no way I was going to be able to catch up to them in my state)!  We tried to get some pictures of all the kids.  That was a fun experience!

They had some really cute decorations outside the center.

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  1. Those fall colors are gorgeous - you should remember that as a place to take family photos next year!