Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Today was supposed to be a beautiful day so we planned on taking N2 to Stade's Farm to get pumpkins and do get on the tractors and wander around like we've done the past 2 years.  Good thing we were running late as Grandma and Grandpa Weidner got there and discovered that they added an admission charge of $10 a person!  That didn't even include the cost of the pumpkin.  Yikes!  It may make sense for those people who let their kids ride on every ride multiple times but not for us who just let N2 ride the bucket train.  So we turned around and looked up other pumpkin patches.  We found a nice one out in Marengo (where we went apple picking last year).  It's called Cody's Farm.  They hayride to the pumpkin patch was free and pumpkins were $5 or $2-$3 for the small ones.  They also have a bucket train, a bouncy house and a tractor yard that was just $5 a kid. Much more reasonable!  We went to the pumpkin patch first (after eating lunch as we found out the hayrides only leave on the half hour every hour).  N2 showed me what size pumpkin they were going to get.  Sorry, not the best pictures.  For some reason, they did NOT want their pictures taken.

N2 wanted every pumpkin the patch when we got there.  They very arbitrarily picked 2.  Not the two they started with.  When I tried to get pictures of them in the patch, Noah threw a fit because he thought the tractor would leave without us as we were the last people back.  So I got no good pictures in the patch.  I didn't get great ones of them with their pumpkins either because Noah was being so silly when we said "don't laugh." He treats that as make funny faces and stick out your tongue!

The driver thought N2's pumpkins were small so he only charged us $10 for all 3 pumpkins.  Wow!  Noah insisted on holding his pumpkin the whole hay ride back.  He was very protective of his pumpkin.
After we got back, they went into the kids' area.  Take a look at these fun tractors they had!  They could have ridden on them all afternoon!  They even had little trailers on the back and N2 would unpin them and try to hook them up on another tractor.

N2 love barrel trains.  So they ride on that.
They also had a corn crib and a huge sand box that were free to play in.  N2 loved to make "corn angels."

We had a great time and would definitely go back in the future!  Their pumpkins were so nice and a nice size and the cost was just right!

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