Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Teacher Gift

I saw an idea for making a ghost treat for teachers on Pinterest and I thought it would be perfect (and simple!) to make for N2's teachers.  I thought it would be nice just to give them a little treat not at a holiday.  The original directions call for a bottle of soda but I wasn't sure what their teachers drank so I used a Dasani water bottle.  I think having a bottle with a longer neck may be better.
So here's how I made it:
1.  Tape a full size candy bar to the water bottle (or soda bottle).  I bought a cookies and cream Hershey bar.
2.  Use a 20x20 square of white broad cloth (I think you could get away with making this smaller) and put it over the top of the water bottle and center it.
3.  Tie a ribbon around the neck of the ghost.  Poof the ghost head so that it is rounder.   My ghost's head is smaller than the example one so I'm thinking a soda bottle would be better so you have more room to poof.
4.  Draw eyes on the ghost with sharpie.  You could also glue on googly eyes.  It was tricky to draw on the eyes on the first one.  One the second one I flattened the face on the top of the bottle and drew the eyes.  That was much easier!
5.  Attach the tag to the ribbon.  Here's an up close of the tag.  I got the saying from the site that I found the ghost.
I used my kit Frightful and Delightful to make the tag.  If you want a copy, just let me know!  Their teachers LOVED the ghost and thought it was really cute.

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  1. That is really cute! Unfortunately, I wasn't organized enough to get those made before preschool this morning. Next year, for sure. Can you make a version that only has one monster?

    Also, I was thinking, you could take a clementine and put it on top of the water bottle, and that would make the head rounder and be a healthy choice at the same time. Cute, huh?