Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Decor

I decided to be crafty this October and make various Halloween decorations.  After having a hard time finding cute Halloween shirts and making Noah's, I decided I might as well just make both of them shirts this year.  So before mom and dad left on their cruise, we got together and made shirts.  They each picked what they wanted (after showing them some shirts on Etsy).  Here's what they picked.

I also made Natalie a ghost bow because I found it on Pinterest and loved it!  It was not the easiest bow since you had to somehow give the impression like the ghost is curved at the top with just using straight ribbon.  But I figured it out!  The ribbon is fraying so I just trimmed it and put clear nail polish on it to see if it won't fray anymore.  I wish I had had black ribbon for lining the clip so that the bow on the ghost would stand out but I didn't.
N2 and I did a craft the other day to replace our Earth Day hangings on the chandelier in the dining room. We made egg carton bats.  Egg cartons are not easy to cut, so maybe instead of using scissors, try an exacto knife?  All you need to do is cut the egg carton into fourths so that you have 3 egg spots together.  Then trim the bottoms of the outside two and make them zig zaggy.  Paint black.  Let them dry and then use a glue gun to glue on googly eyes and a ribbon hanger for the top.

I had to post both because Noah decided he didn't want matching sized eyes on his bat!  Finally I made myself a wreath because I didn't have any Halloween door decor.  I found a couple wreaths I liked on google image search and combined them together.
Wide orange ribbon (2 inches in width at least)
Foam wreath form
Random black lace (or if you have to buy it 1/2 yard for a 10 inch wreath form)
Black ribbon (you don't need much)
Spider placemat from Target ($2.99)
Glue Gun

Wrap the orange ribbon around the wreath form, gluing occasionally.  Cut the lace into a circle and cut out part of the center of the circle.  Cover the front of the wreath with lace and glue it on the back-stretching it as you glue so that the lace is nice and tight.  Take the placemat from Target and put it behind the wreath.  Center it how you would like it to be-I made the center off center.  Then start pinning it on the back-make sure to pull it tight.  Then trim the outsides off.  Glue spiders onto your wreath wherever you would like them to be.  I got these cute pop up spiders at Target instead of more realistic spiders.  They were on suction cups and hot glue would NOT hold them.  So I took an exacto knife and cut the suction cups off.   Hopefully they'll stay better!  Use the black ribbon to make a loop and bow.


  1. Those are all super cute! Did you make a few extra bows? :)

  2. I thought about it and was going to send them but I think I ran out of clips because I had to throw one away because I didn't get the ribbon on straight and I couldn't get it off. Maybe I'll hunt around and see if I can find clips.