Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Father's Day

I'll eventually get to posting about N2's birthday parties but the amount of pictures I have is pretty daunting.

For Father's Day this year we met up with Brian's brother and his family along with Brian's parents at Illinois State Beach on Lake Michigan.  The water was still pretty cold and my kids were pretty hesitant to go in the water.  Dan couldn't convince his daughter to go in the water (maybe she got her toes wet but that was it) so he got my kids to go in the water.  There were also dead fish all over (apparently this happens every year around this time so we just need to avoid the beach there in mid June).  No one stayed in the water very long.  I saw under an umbrella and read a book :)

After they played in the water, Brian got out the kites and both kids tried to fly their kites on the beach.  They have beautiful dragon kites that flow so nicely in the wind.

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