Thursday, October 20, 2016

Strawberry picking

We were fortunate enough to go strawberry picking two times this year-once in March in Houston and once in June around here.  We decided to buy big baskets because we figured N2 would pick a lot of berries.  We got out to the strawberry fields and they really didn't want to pick berries at all.  Natalie decided she wanted to pick snow peas, so she and I head back there.  Once we picked a lot of sugar snap peas, we went back to strawberry picking but Noah was done picking.  Next time we'll just buy smaller baskets so that Brian and I don't need to pick as many!

 I love that my kids still like to hold hands when they walk places.  They don't do it all the time but they are cute when they do!
I'm glad that we picked so many strawberries so that I could make Grandma's strawberry coffee cake! I managed to make 4 pans with one recipe and I still have 2 in the freezer!


  1. Ooh, wish I could come over and have some of that strawberry coffee cake! Love that recipe! Your strawberry fields are much more lush and plentiful than our Houston ones.

    1. Do you see why I was surprised when we got the the fields in March? :)