Friday, October 14, 2016

School Gym Show

The first graders at N2's school don't have a music concert, they have a gym show.  Kind of strange but whatever, they were really proud of themselves.  Brian was unable to attend so I took some videos of their performances.  The kids started by singing a song and then each class showed a different thing that they did in gym.  Then they ended with another song.  Their theme was superheroes.  Natalie was supposed to wear yellow for the Avengers and Noah for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  My pictures and videos aren't great because I didn't bring my zoom lens with me.  N2 told me where to sit but they were not quite accurate :)  I should have sat in the middle section since Noah was on the far side for me but they told me to sit where I sat.  I was close to Natalie.  Can you find Noah in the second pictures?

Natalie's class performed a hula hoop routine.  It was funny trying to watch kids hula hoop!

Noah's class performed a station routine.  They showed various things that they do in gym like scooters, exercise with balls, weights, etc.

When they did their last song, the kids had superhero masks on.
They also wrote about being a superhero and made superhero mock ups.  These were displayed on the backdrop.

 I finally got pictures of N2 with their teachers.  I didn't want to take my camera at meet the teacher because I thought the teachers might think me strange so this was a perfect opportunity.  Natalie had Ms. Shanholtzer and Noah had Mrs. Landrum.

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  1. Was this from last year? Because you know your kids are in second grade this year, right?