Saturday, October 22, 2016

Random June

After Marcie posted about her kids painting with their feet, I had N2 paint with their feet.  It was somewhat successful.  I couldn't keep the paper on the driveway and I think it was too hot for them because I seem to remember them complaining about being hot.  The both slipped on the paint and then got paint all over their pants.  But we did end up with three strips of paper that they were excited to show Brian.  They got to pick the colors for all of the papers (I think we had too many colors and they got a little muddy but N2 didn't care) and they decided where they would step.

I tend not to like messes and there was a lot of clean up (figuring out how to get feet clean without tracking paint all over the house, getting clothes off kids without getting more paint on their clothes, drying the paper without getting paint all over).  I think you see the trend-not getting paint all over.  I tend not to get paint out very often because it is just too messy.  I need to figure out how to let my kids paint without me worrying about the mess.

I asked N2 what we should get Brian for father's day and their generic answer is an adult movie (no, not that kind of movie).  This year they also included beer.  They know Brian enjoys trying new kinds of beer.  So I took Natalie (Noah didn't want to go) to Trader Joe's to pick out beer.  She wanted a small shopping cart so all the beer went in her cart.  This made me feel a little wrong :)

This summer N2 got up before Brian and I.  It was not uncommon for us to come down and find N2 playing a board game.  This particular morning they were playing while eating and their animals were also playing.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love the photo of Natalie with the cart full of beer! Did you get a lot of funny looks at the store?

    The key to not getting paint all over is to do it in the summer when they can wear bathing suits and you can wash them off with the hose. That is A LOT easier!