Friday, October 21, 2016

Swim Party

My multiples group hosted a pool party last year and decided to make it a tradition and host one this year.  The pool and slides are open just for our club from 7-8:30 (we were able to swim from 6:30-7 as well when the diving boards were open).  This is such a great event that my kids really enjoy.  This year Natalie decided to be brave and jump off the diving board.  She went over and over again.  Noah would get in line to try but wasn't confident enough.

 I love this next picture because it looks like Natalie and the other girl (who is in my multiples group who Natalie has only met once or twice before) are trying to do synchronized diving.

Natalie and Noah spent the whole rest of the evening going down the slides.  There is a kid's area where there are things to play with and slide down but N2 were not interested in it at all.

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