Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was my first day off of school so I finished up odds and ends in the morning before heading to my parent's house.  We had a nice lunch of waffles (where Noah ate 4 or more waffles, bacon, little sausages and tons of fruit) and then made cookies-gingerbread men and sugar cookies.  My kids know that Grandpa and Daddy love red hots on their gingerbread men so they loaded cookies with red hots especially for them.

They also enjoyed some books read by Grandpa and Grandma.  Grandpa read them The Gingerbread Girl while they made gingerbread men although he did add some Brer Fox in while reading :)  Grandma read them a new book that she bought in Australia about Brian the sheep who lead Santa's tractor as he delivered presents in his shorts and tank top.  My kids thought the book was really funny!

We then headed to church and finally went home to have a late dinner and hang up stockings.  My kids were anxious (and ready) to go to bed so that Santa could come!

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  1. Sorry, we bought the book in New Zealand. Glad they like it. Thanks for sharing Christmas Eve with us.