Saturday, January 7, 2017

Preparing for Christmas

We had a difficult time figuring out when we could get a Christmas tree because we had so many plans on the weekends in December.  We figured out that we had a couple hours to get a tree one day.  We drove out to Richardson's farm where we have been getting our trees almost every year since we have been married.  Right before we got there, Natalie told us that she was going to throw up so we pulled over and got her out of the car.  We were meeting Brian's parents at the Christmas tree farm so we couldn't just turn around.  We calmed her down a little and drove the rest of the way (less than half an hour) and tried to convince Natalie that she would feel better shortly if she sat down and waited a while.  She insisted that she wanted to go home.  So Brian took her home (I hadn't brought my purse or wallet) while Mary Kay, Dale, Noah and I picked out a tree.  Brian did let me know that Natalie felt better soon after she got home.  We think she gets car sick now and she has convinced herself that she gets car sick.  It's not fun.

I wanted a specific sort of tree but they were difficult to find!  Once we found them, they were very tall!  Luckily we found some short ones and ended up with a very nice tree.  Dale was nice enough to cut it down for me.  I did help him carry it to the wagon.  Here is our tree!
After we got the tree home, Natalie was feel just fine, so we decided that we would attempt to see Santa.  Our town does a Holiday Walk where Santa and Mrs. Claus sit outside and kids can visit with them.  They also have vendors, crafts, gingerbread house contest, and a parade.  The parade takes Santa to an indoor location at the Park District.  It is a nice event and a free one!  So far it hasn't been too bitterly cold to see Santa outside.  All we did this time was see Santa and vote on gingerbread houses.  We were too nervous about Natalie feeling sick.  Luckily she was fine!
The following day we were supposed to head to a concert at Northwestern with mom and dad but Natalie decided shortly before we needed to leave that she was going to throw up again.  This has happened quite often in December so we've realized that she gets worked up about being in the car and makes herself feel sick.  Some days she is fine being in the car and other days she is not.  I sure hope she grows out of this soon!  Needless to say, we didn't end up going to the concert and it was a good thing because it started to snow later.  We decorated the tree while the snow fell outside.

This is when I took our Christmas picture.  I didn't know what picture I was going to use and N2 were quite photogenic at that moment.  I took the photo I used for the Christmas card first and then tried to get a better one when I realized the first picture was the best.  It wasn't planned and wasn't posed.  So glad I got lucky enough to capture it!

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