Sunday, January 8, 2017


Natalie has loved snow recently!  She could play in the snow all day long if I would let her.  Noah comes in after not too long because he gets cold but she doesn't seem to feel the cold.  They both have been anxious for snow and it finally fell on the 4th of December for the first time.  Natalie was in seventh heaven!  It was wet snow so it made great snowmen.  She made one all by herself.

Pardon the leaves, we still had a lot of leaves left on the ground because we had such a mild fall and leaves stayed on the trees for so long.  Our leaves only get picked up until around Thanksgiving so there wasn't anything we could do with the leaves after that.

That snow did not stick around for a long time.  Her snowman was melted within a few days.  Luckily it snowed again a week or two later.  But then it got cold so they didn't have too much time to play outside.  They tried to sled down our very small slope but didn't manage to go too far.

I decided I wanted to make some winter decorations that I saw on Pinterest where you make water balloons with colored water and then freeze them outside.  We had VERY cold weather and I figured this would be a perfect time.  I made them one night and let them freeze for about 3 days.  Some of the balloons burst before they froze and I think some balloons developed small holes and leaked but I did managed to get 7 balls.  I wanted to set them on the top of the snow and have them look very pretty but they just sunk in and discolored our gloves while we tried to move them.  Oh well, at least I know that they are a hassle.

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