Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas morning

We had a wonderful Christmas morning just the 4 of us.  N2 were told that they had to wait in their rooms until 8 (yay for sleeping a little!) but Brian and I ended up getting up around 7:30 so they didn't have to wait that long!  They did wait patiently while we checked to see if Santa came.
Since we had snow outside for the first time in many years, Santa left boot prints.  My kids walked right over them and then stopped to look for a second or two and moved on.  Noah declared later it was powder since snow would have melted.  I tell you he is going to be tough in the future!
Natalie had left a note for Santa (I can't remember what it said) and Santa wrote back to her thanking her for the cookies and carrots.  They were very intrigued by what Santa said.
They were both very excited to see Lego kits from Santa.  They had asked Santa for iPads and legos.
They both were very excited to give the gifts that they had picked out for other people in our family.  They took turns passing theirs out and wanted to see the other person open their gifts.  It was very sweet to see.  Natalie in particular was very proud of her gifts for Brian and I.  She got me an owl Christmas ornament and Brian a tie with Santa on it that sings.  She picked out laser tag for Noah (I kind of had to convince her on that).  Noah picked out a game for Natalie, a nativity scene for me and wanted to buy Brian tickets to see Rogue One but instead decided to do a delayed present and get him the movie when it comes out.

They both were very intrigued by this large oddly shaped present that was behind the Christmas tree.  Noah thought it was a spider web climbing thing.  They could not wait to open it.  It was much more a present for Noah but we figured unless we had something equally large for Natalie, the present needed to be for both of them.  Take a look at Noah's eyes in the second picture.  You can tell he is beyond thrilled!  Best buy at Goodwill ever (especially on 50% off day!)

So far they haven't seen anything in the telescope-Brian has to figure out how to calibrate it.  Their last present was their big present from Brian and I.  We decided to get them a computer that turned into a tablet.  They have been doing more things on the computer lately for school-math games, typing, etc that we wanted them to have one to use at home.  They are thrilled that they can play Minecraft on it and play coding games.  We only bought one so they have to share which they are doing OK at right now.
We spent the rest of the morning playing (well N2 did at least) with Christmas presents and being somewhat lazy before we headed to the Weidners for Christmas afternoon.

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