Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Natalie got a cookbook for kids for her birthday and we finally started using it this past summer.  I helped Natalie plan some meals and we made them.  Noah decided he wanted to help too.  Some of the meals were breakfast items so my kids are in their pjs.  They would stay in their pjs all day if we would let them!

First up was a meal of chicken satay with peanut sauce (I cut and cooked the chicken), cheddar herb muffins and peach crisp for dinner.  The muffins were REALLY dry and the kids wouldn't eat them.  We ended up freezing them and Brian used them for stuffing at Thanksgiving.

 Then they made a lunch of an open faced crostini with ham and cheddar.  The book showed the ham criss-crossed but they put it on however they wanted!
 Then they made pancake stacks with yogurt and fruit between them.  We didn't quite make them how the cookbook made them but they thought it was a yummy way to eat pancakes!

Here are 2 random pictures from July that have nothing to do with cooking.  I loved Natalie's dress that she wore when she was 2 so I asked Dan and Rachel to save it for me.  When Natalie saw it lying around, she decided she was going to wear it.  The second picture shows one of the ways that Natalie dresses up as a knight.  It is interesting to see her wear a skirt because she never chooses skirts!

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