Monday, January 2, 2017

Peanut's Antics

I know the Christmas season is just about over and Peanut has been gone for over a week but I finally have time to get around to sorting out my pictures and blogging about them.  I still need to show you quite a bit of this past year and of their birthday parties from last February (which I will hopefully do before their next birthdays which are in not that long) but I figured I would start with the most recent and work my way backwards (at least that is my plan now).

Peanut our elf was not quite as creative in past years.  I think Peanut was overworked and felt the pressure of working until Christmas Even and also of the pressure of finishing up some papers.  N2 wanted Peanut to be mischievous but he just didn't have the energy most days.  Peanut came back from the North Pole on the 29th of November.  He decided to take the slow route via USPS.  Noah was a little skeptical of Peanut this year (and of Santa) and the handmade stamp didn't impress him.  He is going to be tough in the future!

Shortly after he arrived, he decided to try to help us with the problem of a missing dishwasher.  Unfortunately he wasn't too much of a help.
 Peanut decided to eat N2's Halloween candy and left a trail of wrappers from the pantry to where he was hiding.  N2 didn't believe that Peanut ate their candy though because the bags weren't any less full.  Guess Peanut has learned his lesson that candy needs to disappear from the bag for them to believe!

The elf wanted to teach N2 kindness so he made elf pancakes for them the next day to make up for eating their Halloween candy and Peanut asked N2 to make up for something that they did wrong but neither one could think of ANYTHING that they needed to make up for so the lesson was lost.  :(

After that Peanut got boring.  He just moved from place to place.  Then after we got a larger package, he decided to use the packing peanuts to take a bath with some rubber ducks.
Another day Peanut built them snowmen using donuts, starburst, raisins and fruit leather.  Then Peanut decided to reuse his idea and make a snowman out of snow but he left it inside too long.  Apparently Natalie went outside looking for the snowman he tried to make.

One of N2's favorite things that Peanut does is blockade them in their rooms.  Noah said he was not too happy because he really had to use the bathroom when he first woke up.  Peanut decided to leave them only a very small opening along the bottom.

Peanut was captured by Lego men another day.  The Lego men had a very hard time finding the right bricks for this.  They thought this would be a very easy thing to do but in fact it was not.
Peanut got a little more creative when he found the Expo markers.  He drew all over N2's pictures which they both thought was hysterical.  Noah laughed every time he passed a picture.  Natalie did make sure that they were cleaned up the next day.

 On the night of the 23rd Peanut was anxious to go back to the North Pole.  He hooked up some of my nativity scene animals to a sleigh and tried to fly away.
So long Peanut.  We'll see you next year!

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