Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

Our Elf on the Shelf arrived the Monday after Thanksgiving because N2 were quite anxious for him to come.  Thank you Aunt Mary Jane for sending us an elf!  Over breakfast the first morning N2 tried to figure out a name for our elf.  Someone suggested peanut butter (I'm sure because I was spreading peanut butter on toast-names around here are given because of what they see) so I suggested we shorten it to Peanut and they both agreed they liked that.  But Noah also was very insistent on Tristan (really not sure where that one came from!)  So our elf's formal name is Tristan but his nickname is Peanut.

The first couple days they were somewhat interested in finding Peanut but not too excited.  After a few days, they would head downstairs before getting dressed or coming to ask me if they could play with my ipad to go find where Peanut was hiding.  They are quite excited about him now!  Natalie likes to give Peanut toys too.  I think she may have touched him already (which is a big no no) but she won't admit to it.

Peanut has been having fun hiding around our house and causing some mischief.  N2 like when he causes some mischief although they are quick to tell me that you shouldn't do that!  They even tell Peanut he shouldn't do naughty things!  Peanut has not done too many tricks because he thinks N2 are a little young for a lot of the more creative ideas he has.  Here are some places Peanut has been hiding.

He got mixed up with the cookie cutters in the cabinet and knocked over the colored sugar (at least the cap didn't come off, phew!)  It was hard to remember not to close the cabinet door on him!  Another day he knocked over the paper towel roll when he got on the spice rack.

He found a Christmas book to read the day that we brought them out.  Natalie gave him a marker to play with. Luckily he didn't do anything with the marker!  Another day he got mixed up with one of my nativity scenes!

What a naughty elf he was on this day!  He found the bags of Halloween candy and started to eat a bag of Skittles.  But since the candy is so high up, he dropped a lot of Skittles on the floor.  He was holding on to Natalie's bag of peanut M&M's and she was NOT happy about that.  We had to pull the candy away from him because she couldn't stop talking about it and saying that she did not want him eating her candy.

 This is where he is today.  It's not a good spot because he falls every time the door opens and closes!  I had to tie him on after asking him if it was OK that I touched him to put him back in the wreath.

He got cold one day and tried to adjust the thermostat but instead decided to take a nap with a blanket on top of the thermostat.

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