Monday, December 3, 2012

Visiting Santa

On Saturday, Wauconda had a Christmas walk in their downtown.  They closed down Main Street and had activities and stores that had booths.  There was a gingerbread house contest that you could see and vote for the winner.  They also had Santa Claus on a float in the middle of the street.  I waited in line while Brian took N2 and wandered around.  This event was packed even though it had just started 15 minutes before!

Natalie was quite willing to go up and sit on Santa's lap (last year she wouldn't sit on his lap but she stood by him).  Noah did not want to even go up to Santa but Brian carried him up there and set him down next to Santa.  He stayed there!  A photographer from the newspaper was there and wanted to get pictures of N2 with Santa.  Finally after a minute or two I finally asked N2 to tell Santa what they wanted.  Natalie said "paint dot markers" and Noah said "stuffed animals for kids who don't have any and clothes for baby bear."  Mrs. Claus had a wipe a tear from her eye after Noah talked and complimented me on my children!  I am so blessed to have children who are so giving and caring!

 Here they are telling Santa and Mrs. Claus what they wanted.  I was kind of disappointed in Santa because he didn't really say anything.  I think Mrs. Claus did more talking and I had to ask them to tell Santa what they wanted.  I didn't want to be rushed off the float before they had talked to Santa!

After seeing Santa we wandered around and they had their face painted (although I think Noah's skin reacted to the face paint (don't worry Marcie-he hasn't had a problem with the crayons) so there was some crying and I had to wipe it off).  They also got temporary tattoos (which are perhaps the worst tattoos ever-they didn't last through 1 had washing).  They made cinnamon applesauce ornaments (they put glue and glitter on premade ones).  They colored pictures and wrote letter to Santa.  We had a fun time!

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  1. So cute. You should be one proud momma. Noahs comment was adorable.