Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thank you turkeys

Marcie asked me if I was planning on giving N2's teachers anything for Thanksgiving since I made something for Halloween.  So I searched the web and Pinterest and found this cute turkey idea.

We made two turkeys because N2 have 2 teachers.  I cut leaf shapes out of some cardstock I had and asked N2 to tell me what they want to thank their teachers for.  For the most part they came up with the ideas all on their own.  Each teacher had different things on their leaves-I didn't just copy the leaves for one teacher for the other teacher.  I used a baby food jar for the turkey and filled it with m&m's.  I wanted fall m&m's but I couldn't find any.  I should have used Reese Pieces.  I cut a circle out of brown cardstock and used glue dots (Marcie's idea after double stick tape didn't stick) to attach it to the lid.  I used hot glue to attach the google eyes, foam beak and red thing.  I used double stick tape to put the leaves together and then hot glued them to the back.  I think glue dots would have worked for everything but I didn't think about it!

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