Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

On the 8th, we continued our tradition of going to Richard's Farm and cutting down our own Christmas tree. I decided this year to get a Scotch pine rather than a white pine.  For some reason I wanted my Christmas tree to be more like a typical Christmas tree!  We headed out early as Brian had afternoon commitments. It decided to start rain/snow as we were driving there so everything was quite wet!  Grandma and Grandpa Weidner come with us to help with N2 while I find the perfect tree and Brian cuts it down.

N2 had a lot of fun running among the trees and posing on top of the stumps like angels (I didn't capture this well as I was looking for trees and had the camera on me.  Here's Noah as an angel (although he wasn't on the stump like they were doing earlier).

I finally found a tree although it was a little fatter than I wanted but I couldn't find a skinnier one that I liked.  I did find much taller ones that I liked!  Brian got down to cut the tree down and N2 did as well.  They were so DIRTY when we left!  We got the tree back on the wagon and then enjoyed some donuts and hot chocolate.

We decorated our tree the next day after running around to stores trying to find lights for the tree-all of our strands had gone bad (over half the strands weren't lit and we didn't have replacement bulbs-nor did we want to try to find the bulbs that were burned out).  Home Depot and Menards don't even care incandescent bulbs anymore.  Luckily Target does as I hate LED lights on trees (although I think I found some at Target that would be OK).  N2 loved to hang ornaments on the tree although they liked to have ornaments on the same branches.  They also weren't great about hanging the ornaments on sturdy branches-they tried to hang them from the end of branches!

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