Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

We finally got around to decorating our gingerbread houses last weekend.  We were supposed to decorate them the weekend before but then Natalie got sick and Brian wasn't home any evening.  Just a word to the wise, the icing isn't as good after it has sat for a week even in an air tight container.  Towards the end of the first night we just had to pick up the icing and stick it to the candy.  I didn't realize how bad it was until I made more icing the next day an it worked so much better!  N2 loved to decorate their houses!  They spent probably 1.5-2 hours between 2 evenings decorating.  They asked the following night if they could finish even though they told me the night before they were done.  I said no because I had thrown away the rest of the frosting and I was ready for them to be done!  Here they are decorating their houses.

They both insisted that their people be on top of their houses.  I couldn't get the people to stand on the ground-I wonder if they were too big.  Noah used his on the sides of his houses. They loved to make paths and have quite a few paths going around in front of their houses. They also LOVED trees so I had to make 4 trees for Noah and 3 for Natalie.  When they were done, I used frosting to cover the aluminum foil and sprinkled coconut for snow.  Noah loves to go over and pick a little snow off and eat it!  Guess he likes coconut!  Here they are with their finished houses.

Here is an up close look at Natalie's house.  She really covered the roof!
Here's the back of Noah's house which has much more candy than than the front or sides.  He made a sleepover in the back.  Each candy was a family member (although he must have used more than 1 candy for all of us)!
They keep asking me when they can eat some and I keep saying after the holidays.  Trying to decide when we can break into it!

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