Friday, December 28, 2012

Final Elf on the Shelf

Our elf was kind of naughty (well, REALLY naughty according to N2) so he behaved himself the rest of the time he was here and N2 forgave him for being naughty.  Who would think that 3 year olds wouldn't have a sense of humor????  He also promised to behave himself next year.  Peanut wrapped some presents for N2 (new water bottles) and got caught up in the wrapping paper and tape!  He also sat on Noah' gingerbread house which Noah was not a fan of and he told Peanut that he was NOT allowed to eat any candy!

Peanut helped Mommy finish up making N2's Christmas ornaments for this year.

And THIS is what made N2 so mad.  One night the laundry was out and Peanut grabbed all the underwear and hung it on the Christmas tree (I thought it was funny and I thought N2 would find it funny).  I was gone when they discovered it and Brian said they were beside themselves.  Noah practically ripped the Christmas tree down trying to get the underwear off.  They were both very concerned that mom would be upset.  They yelled at Peanut and told him that they were going to ask Santa for a new elf because he was TOO naughty. Their reaction made me giggle!  Here's what Peanut did (he's also in the tree up towards the top).

The next day Peanut came back and was ashamed at his behavior so he hid deep in the plant we have.  He also brought candy canes and wrote a letter of apology asking N2 to keep him and not ask Santa for a new elf.  N2 forgave him.

The last day Peanut made N2 elf sized pancakes and put them in the fridge. He took a picture of himself with the pancakes, printed it out and left it on the counter next to him.  Natalie ate 1 elf size pancake and that was it!

I let them give Peanut a hug goodbye.  Natalie gave him a kiss goodbye too.  They seemed to really enjoy him for the most part this year.  Peanut is going to have to think about how he can be tricky but not appear to be naughty!  They asked about him the other day but they seem to understand that he won't be back for a while!

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  1. OMG, the underwear on the tree is hysterical! How odd that they were so mad about that; I'll have to remember it for the boys next year.