Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Spirit of Giving

My kids have gotten in the spirit of giving this Christmas season.  It started with me telling N2 that we would pick tags from the Christmas tree at the YMCA after swim lessons and give things to kids who don't have things.  They each decided they wanted to pick out pajamas for a boy and a girl and get them in N2's size (that tag said any size).  They each picked out a pair of fleece footy pjs and we delivered them the next time we went to the Y.  Then they told me that they wanted to buy stuffed animals for kids who don't have any.  Then I told them that we were going to buy some things at the grocery store to buy things for soldiers because my physical therapy office was collecting stuff.  They talked about that for a long time!  When we were leaving the store there was a Salvation Army person ringing the bells.  So I gave them some coins to drop in the bucket.  That was last week some time.  Today after Natalie got up from her nap, she played "Salvation Army" person.  She went around with one of the handbells and a bucket and asked us to donate money.  I wish we could give more but I'm going to make sure that the next time we give something, I'm going to involve them in it!

Yesterday we went to Kohls to get stuffed animals for Toys for Tots.  Both N2 picked the same reindeer and carried it around the store and played with them in the car.  They got kind of attached to them but I kept reminding them that the reindeer aren't for them, they were for kids who don't have toys.  We stopped by Jewel because they usually have a bin for Toys for Tots.  They didn't :(  I knew Grandma Weidner's school had a bin but it was being picked up on Tueday.  So we went there after dance and found out (well N2 didn't find out because Grandma told me very quietly) that the bin had been picked up that morning.  Grandma said that she would get the toys to the kids.  N2 gave the reindeer away very willingly and very proudly!  They had to show everyone the toys for the kids who didn't have any.  I'm so proud of them!

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