Sunday, December 16, 2012

More elf on the shelf

Peanut, our elf, has been having some fun!  Fishing for some goldfish (N2 made me put the fish on the end of his pole for him), hanging out in the guitar, building a block tower around himself, sitting on a cactus (ouch!  Noah told Peanut that was not a good idea-he hypothesized that cactus don't grow in the North Pole so Peanut didn't know that he shouldn't sit on it-smart boy!), cutting paper snowflakes after N2 had done the same with Grandma and Grandpa (Natalie came down in the morning and tsked Peanut for leaving a mess.  She immediately cleaned up all the paper and took Peanut's scissors away from him), hanging upside down in the wind chimes, and sitting in the salad spinner right next to N2's plates.  Peanut has also been found in the bathroom shelf with all the shells.

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