Sunday, December 16, 2012

St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day has always been celebrated in Brian's family.  Traditionally on the night of the 5th of December, the kids leave their shoes outside and St. Nicholas puts presents in their shoes.  Brian's parents came over on the 6th to give N2 St. Nicholas gifts prompting Brian to want N2 to put their shoes outside their door on the night of the 6th (just a day late).  Since I was going to the store already, it was up to me to purchase the gifts.  It turned out to be quite a late evening of shopping.  So glad the stores stay open late during the holiday season!  I was on the phone with Marcie the whole time and she convinced me to buy some quite strange gifts from St. Nicholas.  Brian asked for me to get "tape, socks and pears or oranges" but then told me really anything small would be fine.  Marcie and I had quite a fun time picking things for their gifts and trying to make them really wacky.  Here's what we ended up with:

Noah: pineapple, tape, socks, jingle bell necklace, craft project
Natalie: mini bananas, tape dispenser, socks, jingle bell necklace, craft project

I had some of the items for stockings so I just repurposed them.  N2 were actually quite happy with everything (as was Brian and thought that the pineapple was truly inspired as was the tape dispenser-Marcie and I thought perhaps this was too much and in the future Brian would take care of buying the presents but apparently I did a good job)!

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