Sunday, August 5, 2012

African Drum Concert

I found this awesome resource blog called Little Lake County.  I wish I had known about this site earlier as it is a great resource for events going on in Lake County that is toddler/young kid friendly.  I've already checked out a couple things and plan on checking out more!  I found out about a lunch time children's concert in Round Lake Beach on Friday.  I thought it would be perfect to bring a picnic lunch and listen to some African drumming music.  We originally were sitting out in the sun but they invited us all to sit on the stage in the shade so that helped as it was a hot day!

The music was very fun and energetic!  We were told we could get up and dance but we couldn't dance on the stage as the civic center people were afraid of people falling off.  The lady running the drum group said she would show us some dance moves if we went down to dance.  N2 said the wanted to dance but then they wouldn't do anything when we got down there.

At the end of the event (right after the raffle-and I won 4 tickets to their Supper with Santa!) they invited all the kids to come up and touch the drums.  At first N2 didn't want to touch but then they decided it was fun.
 Here Natalie gets a lesson from one of the African drummers.

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