Friday, August 10, 2012


I needed a new pedicure (and my mother's day present was pedicures during the summer) and I decided to take Natalie with me because the owner's daughter (who is 11) is there and paints nails for really cheap.  I was just going to have her toenails painted but she really wanted her fingernails painted too.  She picked out a pink for her fingernails and a purple for her toenails (both pastels).  She sat there so nicely and had her nails painted.

The nail tech (Amanda) even does a design on kid's toes!  Natalie got little rhinestones in the center of the flowers on her big toe!

While she was sitting waiting for them to dry, she smudged the one big toe so she lost her rhinestone and an adult had to come over and fix the whole big toenail.  (That one has already smudged since Natalie took a tumble off her bike about an hour after the pedicure-oh well!)

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