Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Puppy and 60th

Dan and Rachel got a puppy and brought him to Dale's 60th birthday party.  N2 were very curious about the puppy.  Luckily the puppy was well behaved and didn't go up to anyway and jump or bark.  Natalie was allowed to "walk" the puppy.  Although at one point, she let go of the leash and Dan and Rachel had to chase after the puppy whose name is Chief.
They also got to run with the puppy and help him get some exercise.

As I said, this was Dale's 60th birthday party.  N2 were very helpful at blowing out candles and unwrapping presents.  I think everyone was glad I brought party hats (ha)!

 Here are N2 with Great Grandma Weidner.

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  1. Is this where they got the idea to walk each other on the leash? Your kids are so creative!