Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Olympics

We watched the Olympics every day, all day for the most part!  That means that N2 have seen quite a few events.  Their favorite is equestrian by far!  They also enjoyed watching swimming, diving, gymnastics (but really only swinging on the bar) and running.  Natalie really enjoyed rowing as well and would sit on my lap and we would row together.  One night, they spontaneous starting playing "the Olympics."  They would crouch down in their starting position and take off running.  They would start doing gymnastics in the middle of the carpet.  So we had a little mini Olympics (nothing as fancy as what we did with Marcie, Amelia and Megan!)  Brian set up blocks as hurdles for them to jump over.  Noah liked to just run straight through the blocks.  Brian also invented an equestrian event where they rode on their bouncy ball and had to try to jump over blocks.  It was quite amusing to see them try to jump-they didn't come close at all!

Get ready...

Get set...
(clearly Noah has a false start).  Go... (no picture-they were too fast!)

(Noah was warm so he took his shirt off, which prompted Natalie to do the same thing.  Then they took their pants off).

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