Thursday, August 2, 2012


We ended our summer with Brian by a trip to Brookfield.  We haven't been there all summer-it's been too hot!  We decided to use our dolphin show tickets today.  I haven't seen the dolphin show in a while and it was fun to see.  They were running a special "summer games" show so we got to see the dolphins compete in a variety of "games" like jumping, twirling and dancing.  We sat about 8 rows up and a dolphin splashed so hard we got sprinkled!  Natalie was not too happy to be wet.

Right before the dolphin show, we wandered over to the seals and sea lions.  We were lucky because they were feeding the seals.  There were some non zookeepers in there getting to touch the seals and watch them be fed.  I wonder how much money you have to donate to get to do that!
The sea lions next door were quite noisy because they thought they should eat.  They kept getting out of the water and waddling over to the door and barking at it.

We then went to the children's zoo and spent quite a bit of time there.  They both wanted to brush goats.  There were some baby goats that they could only pet with their hands, not the brushes.

While we were in the children's zoo we got to see a goat being milked.  Natalie was intrigued.  Noah, however, was not.  He was enthralled by the bee hive.  We went to Tropic World.  We got great views of all the monkeys!

We ended at the swamp where N2 spent a long time in the boat that was there.  They barely wanted to look at animals!

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