Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I've been meaning to take Natalie to get her haircut before the end of July as my hair salon has a kid's cut coupon but it wasn't going to happen with our schedule and my hair dresser's schedule.  I was cutting Brian's and Noah's hair and Natalie wanted a turn so I figured, hey, why not cut it myself?  Her hair has gotten long but so straggly.  I figured I'd just trim the ends and I ended up cutting off about an inch and I was AMAZED at how much better her hair looked!  Now her hair naturally curls under.  Amazing!
I can tell it is a lot shorter but looks so much better and healthier!  I wonder if I'll have to keep it at this length for a while until it thickens up (which might be never)?

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  1. Natalie's hair looks so cute! She really looks a lot like Mom, doesn't she?

    I just did the same thing to Amelia's hair - the ends were so scraggly that I cut off almost 2 inches in the back, and now it looks a little thicker, but it's so short! I miss the longer length and the little curls she used to have. I don't know if her hair will ever thicken up either. Plus, the hair in the front that she cut off herself is making the front look thin and scraggly, and it's going to take YEARS for that to grow back.