Friday, August 17, 2012

Olympics: Fencing

After spending 2 days at Aunt Marcie's house competing in so many Olympic events, my kids were still ready to participate in more events.  I'm not sure how much fencing they watched on TV but they have been obsessed with fencing!  Today they both picked up their wand noisemakers that they got at Great Grandma Weisgerber's birthday party and starting fencing.  I set one rule-no hitting each other.  Surprisingly that wasn't a problem at all.  They just hit each other's "epees."  They thought this was the best thing ever and just giggled and giggled during it!

En garde!

Take a look at Natalie's form.

Take that!

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  1. Natalie has great form! You should see if your park district offers a fencing class when she gets a little older. (Mine does, and they barely even offer ballet, stupid park district.) Maybe she could really be an Olympic fencer! We should have done fencing during our Olympics...