Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Olympic Events

We went to Donley's Wild West Town last Saturday to help one of my friends celebrate the birthday of her 5 year old son.  N2 had a great time except for the gun fight show.  Noah hated the noises and would shake.  We spent the whole show covering his ears.  Unfortunately there was no way for us to exit without making everyone move.  While we were there N2 participating in a couple more Olympic events.  I'll post pictures of other things we did there tomorrow.

N2 were able to participating in shooting events.  Noah actually shot one of the targets which earned him more corks!

They also got to try out archery.

They also did some white water canoeing.

Their favorite sport though had to be equestrian.  That was the sport that they asked to watch the most often.  Noah repeatedly asked to go to London because that's where all the horses are.  They were quite excited that there were pony rides at the Wild West town!

Note Natalie's cowgirl outfit!

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